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We are a world in transition. Transitions can be transformative, especially when a New Norm is encouraging you (with the force of a freight train) to rethink options. Goals. Routines. How you earn a living. And, even what you think is most important.  

As a survivor of the 2006 recession I learned the hard way of what to do and not to do when the unimaginable happens. You don't.

 Unfocused energy can cost you resources and time you can't get back.  There are simple ways to avoid easy traps uncertainty attracts. Most importantly, seismic shifts in life can be the catalyst for changes you've put off making because you haven't been motivated to explore until now.
 For every journey, we can go it alone or take along a guide. Together we will discover what matters most today. What you want your life to look like in future. What steps to take to manifest and protect that vision.



I am a life coach, writer, optimist, confidante and so inspired to help you transform your life. 

Hi, I'm Susan

M journey has included times of uncertainty, indecision, and self-doubt. I am not a stranger to not knowing what option to choose. Or thinking the future holds little promise.  Or having to prioritize getting milk for my small children or gas to get home. There is absolutely nothing you can share with me to cause me to think less of you. You are a deserving, exceptional human being taking the first step toward having the life you've always wanted.


 My motivation for helping you achieve success stems from a fundamental belief that there is untapped potential waiting to explode with each and every one of us. The secret is knowing the right questions to ask. Understanding every question has a purpose. Every answer is the right answer if it comes from your truth. Some questions will require you to swim in the deep end of the pool, but I think you will discover that water wings will not be necessary.   


 Friends, family, and beloved pets are a source of infinite comfort. But, conversations with loved ones can get awkward, 
 when accountability and a little too much honesty is shared. Intent without action will leave you stuck. Going alone didn't get you where you wanted to be. You can have results or excuses, but not both. I'm on your side, but I want you to
 win this championship.    


Becoming more self-aware is fabulous if your intent is sit on top of a mountain contemplating grapefruit, but we know you didn't work this hard for nothing. The gaps between where you are and where want to be are clearly defined. You have all the insights and perspective to create a meaningful action plan for success. Clear milestones to measure what you've accomplished, as well as next steps.


My heart is filled with compassion for the challenges this transition has created for you, but I also have 30 years of training as an accredited communications professional and problem-solver for companies, communities and individuals in times of crisis and change. I have long and distinguished track record of finding clarity in chaos, and finding the right path forward.


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