I help women learn to say goodbye to  coulda-shoulda-woulda-energy to Hello World:
 "Practice Time Is Over - Game On!"





 You Know What Regret Feels Like.

Now It's Time to Experience a Life

 of No Regrets.




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 Changes come in many forms. The kind we plan. The kind we don't see coming. And, the kind we think think about every single day yet put off pursuing because they seem so impossible.

We are often reluctant, even resistant to new ways of living our life simply because the status quo is comfortable. Until it isn't anymore. 

Each one of us gets to a point where we hit a wall - and not the kind with bumper pads. Be it a job, relationship, habit we can't seem to break, a schedule that has turned us into a zombie, a financial hole that keeps getting deeper, etc. 

This restless feeling is actually your heart and mind getting ready to join forces. Work together to do something you've never done. 

"You've already seen what giving up looks like. Aren't you the least bit curious to see what your life can look like when you don't give up?"

Welcome, I'm Susan

You are weary of facing another week, month or new year with the same resolutions you've had for the past 10 years. You know better than anyone that you are more than what you've allowed the world to see. You deserve better. You can do better. Start today.

COVID-19 has been a sobering reminder that "someday"
is not promised to us.  As Zig Ziglar so aptly says:
"Making a big life change is scary. But, what's scarier? Regret."


 My motivation for helping you achieve success stems from a fundamental belief that there is untapped potential waiting to explode with each and every one of us. The secret is knowing the right questions to ask. Understanding every question has a purpose. Every answer is the right answer if it comes from your truth. Some questions will require you to swim in the deep end of the pool, but I think you will discover that water wings will not be necessary.   


 Friends, family, and beloved pets are a source of infinite comfort. But, conversations with loved ones can get awkward, 
 when accountability and a little too much honesty is shared. Intent without action will leave you stuck. Going alone didn't get you where you wanted to be. You can have results or excuses, but not both. I'm on your side, but I want you to
 win this championship.    


Becoming more self-aware is fabulous if your intent is sit on top of a mountain contemplating grapefruit, but we know you didn't work this hard for nothing. The gaps between where you are and where want to be are clearly defined. You have all the insights and perspective to create a meaningful action plan for success. Clear milestones to measure what you've accomplished, as well as next steps.


My heart is filled with compassion for the challenges this transition has created for you, but I also have 30 years of training as an accredited communications professional and problem-solver for companies, communities and individuals in times of crisis and change. I have long and distinguished track record of finding clarity in chaos, and finding the right path forward.



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