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Outside your comfort zone?

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Welcome to a place where the conversation is all about you. Getting to the root of what you feel is holding you back from something you hold dear? What is possible, even in the face of tremendous obstacles? What would your life look like if it worked out exactly as you wanted it? 

These are the themes we will explore together to discover what you truly want most, define your options, make decisions, and take action. 

Whatever curveball you've been thrown, know it's only transitory, not forever. Like any adventure into the unknown, you can go it alone or take along an expert to help you navigate the terrain. Show you the wonders to be experienced off the beaten path, and infuse you with an amazing supply of positive energy. The result?

You arrive at your destination with a clear sense of purpose, soul reinvigorated, and heart and mind in alignment.

I am so happy you found me! You have an amazing life ahead of you and I'm going to help you find it!

Hi, I'm Susan

My journey has included hardships that have given me a deep appreciation, understanding, and connection to women living with fear, indecision, regret, pain, and anxiety. I have also experienced the joy that awaits on the other side. Judgement has no place in my practice. Respect for your privacy is utmost.


I ask a lot of questions. I listen. I ask questions you may have asked yourself a million times. In most cases, your head has given you the answer, but your heart is not ready to say it out loud. I listen until your heart is ready to speak. 


Being outside your comfort zone means you've arrived at the front door of an opportunity-in-wait. Friends, family, spouse, siblings or dog provide amazing comfort and support. But, conversations with loved ones can get awkward when accountability and a little too much honesty is shared. As your coach, you have a "safe zone" to be candid. And, a coach to gently kick your butt all the way to the finish line. 


Information, understanding and greater self-awareness alone is great if your goal is to sit on top of a mountain and contemplate the many ways you can incorporate avocados in your diet, but if your aspirations are greater, you need a plan. Without goals, a strategy, objectives, action plan and a way to measure your progress, the life you have reimagined will remain out of reach.


My heart is filled with compassion for the challenges this transition has created for you, but I also have 30 years of training as an accredited communications professional and problem-solver for companies, communities and individuals in times of crisis and change. I have long and distinguished track record of finding clarity in chaos, and finding the right path forward.


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