Making Time For Those Who Make Time For You

Often, the very thing we hold most precious we take for granted. And, sometimes we don’t even realize how cherished family and special friendships are until we’ve lost them. 

Strength comes from a huge well of experiences. But strength can also come from the people we call our family, whether they are related to us through DNA or through some common bonds we have forged on this journey we call life.

I believe it is through the unconditional and tough love, pushback, honesty, consistency, respect, and trust of these remarkable family members that we continue to evolve and become the best version of ourselves. However, sometimes we are so intent that this elite group perceives us in such a way that we go to great lengths to shield them from our imperfections.

Major events in our lives set the stage for the presentation of special gifts. Not the kind that comes wrapped up with pretty bows or big boxes, but the much more profound, lasting kind. Throughout your transition, particularly, in those moments when your battery is tapped out, comes the opportunity to look around and see who is still standing with you.

Chances are there will be a few surprises.

I greatly overestimated the bonds I had formed with some of the people I had collected in my life, and more importantly, greatly underestimated the strength and love of those who known me most of my life.

Upon reflection, the clues were obvious, but we often see what we want to see, and don’t give the right people enough credit. We give the wrong people a disproportionate, unhealthy power of influence.

I clung to the familiar and cast off the words of loved ones, treating what they were saying as white noise. I completely overlooked their words as bridges helping me get to the other side. 

The tourists in our lives consult schedules before taking our hand, make excuses for not being there when we need them, and frequently withdraw more than they deposit in the bank of friendship. 

If you are a giver by nature, these folks can easily take you on a long ride to nowhere. You know who they are. Cut them loose. They will deplete your energy at a time when you need your batter fully charged.

These transients do have a purpose. Look closely. I’m absolutely sure that every person who has ever been a part of your life for even a short while has helped you develop a more refined understanding of yourself and added to your insight as to what is truly most important to you.

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