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 COVID-19 is both a game-changer and time of self-reflection. Your brain may be on overdrive thinking about how to adjust and best prepare for the New Norm. Uncertainty can muddy the thought process.

Actions taken without a clear goal can resemble an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, backwards and sideways, just nothing moving forward in a clear direction. If you are ready to do something different to produce real results, let's work together.     

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." - Waldo Emerson 


Complimentary Session 

Chemistry and trust are important part of the coaching dynamic. This time will give us a good sense of whether you think I would be a good fit for you, whether my services speak to your needs and what you want to accomplish. Feel free to ask any questions of me that will help you make your decision easier.

Your success is an investment not an expense. 


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Take Control 

Together we will assess the situation emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and professionally. Through a series of self-awareness exercises, we will create a short-term blueprint for moving you to action - featuring solutions and supports to establish a new daily routine, to renew your sense of control, build confidence and lay the foundation for a more proactive, purposeful life.

Investment: $500

This 30-day coaching program begins by with where you are today. 


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program includes:

• Bi-weekly 1-hour Skype calls or meet-up (if accessible)
• Daily text and email support
• Free copy of "Everything Is Fine, But I'm Not Worried"

Reimagine You

You will engage in a variety of fun exercises to unearth those facets of yourself that you've forgotten or never knew existed. Turns those fears into true strengths. Make long-lasting, life-style changes. And, learn the joy of living of life of authenticity and purpose.

This 12-week coaching experience is designed for those seeking a more comprehensive program to both transport you through a challenging transition, but also give you a clear framework for achieving longer-term goals and objectives. 


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imagine what can happen

Investment: Based on size of group and duration.

Customized group presentations or worskhops focused on learning to think of change as a wider net of opportunity. Trusting there are better things ahead when you step outside your comfort zone.


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