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I wrote this book for women of all ages who, by intention or circumstances, find themselves going through a transition that has become tougher than expected. My transition began with a divorce, but the lessons I learned speak to the pitfalls and detours that come with any change – particularly when escaping to a private island paradise is not really an option.You are in survival mode, but you want more for yourself and your family. The fear, pain, anger is palpable, but deep down you know you will get past this, and be stronger for it. You want comfort and a trail guide for what to expect as you move past what seems like an impossible obstacle.I am hopeful my own experiences will conjure up a smile, but most importantly strike a chord in your own life. My hope is that you will be inspired to push the pause button as you make small and big decisions in similar circumstances – maybe avoid any additional heartache. And, give you the confidence that you have more control over your life than you realize right at this moment. If I can help you to harness your own power during a time where you feel powerless, I will have achieved my goal.

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